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Program committed to reducing the harmful effects of tobacco in Victoria.

Campaign fact file
What is the National Tobacco Campaign? A collaborative quit-smoking health
initiative between federal, state, and territory governments and non-government ...

CDC: How to Quit Smoking
Articles and brochures about smoking cessation.

RS1 English
Itís also the first time that the HPB is incorporating a new component into a
campaign. Quitting smoking is not going to just benefit you but the community ...

free stop smoking hypnosis script - 100% works method
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Cancer Institute NSW - Lung Disease Quit Smoking Campaign
Graphic New Tobacco Health Warnings to inspire Aussie smokers to Quit ... If you
would like assistance to quit smoking call a Quitline advisor on 137 848. ...

Quit Smoking Support > Teen Smoking Rates Level Off - A Troubling Trend
No one has figured out yet the best medium to help teens quit smoking, but the solution may lie in a mix of family and school based anti smoking interventions. ... concerned that support for continued anti smoking campaigns is drying up ... money for anti-smoking campaigns from other sources is scare, too. The best way to quit? " There's really no ...

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