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Motivation, education and online support forum geared for cold turkey nicotine cessation.

Quitting Smoking: What Are the Best Ways?
Most smokers try to quit by going "cold turkey", traditionally defined as quitting
abruptly, versus the gradual "taper and fade" system, which some smokers ...

Cold Turkey Quit Smoking
... > Articles > Cold Turkey. Quit Smoking Cold Turkey. By Fred H ... willpower is often associated with using cold turkey to quit smoking. While having strong willpower is ...

SoYouWanna quit smoking cold turkey?
SoYouWanna quit smoking cold turkey? Maybe you're fiancée refuses to marry you
until you quit smoking. Then a "cold turkey" plan might be in your future. ...

cold quit smoking turkey secrets
Discover amazing stuff on cold quit smoking turkey. Everything you ever wanted to know about cold quit smoking turkey - or should have! ... quit smoking cold turkey. quit smoking cold turkey. quit smoking cold turkey. Find what ...

SoYouWanna quit smoking, pt II
These hints apply to some degree to every method of quitting smoking, but if you
quit cold turkey you need all the help you can get. ...

Joel's Library - Quit Smoking Cold Turkey!
Those who stop smoking cold turkey have less suffering, shorter chemical withdrawal, and and the quickest adjustment toward again becoming comfortable as themselves. Just 72 hours to a nicotine clean body. ... Quit Cold Turkey! To many, cold turkey conjures up visions of torturous pain, suffering and general drudgery ... is easier to stop smoking using the cold turkey method than by using ...

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