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Quit Smoking Online
Offers an online course to help smokers quit naturally.
Online Guide to Quitting: Table of Contents. View / Print Entire Document in PDF
... Smoking's impact on others Why is quitting so hard? ...

Quit Smoking Online: Stop Smoking Help and Cessation Support
Quit smoking in 24 hours or less with The Quit Today! Program. ... the exact system that we at Quit Smoking Online used to help over 70,000 people successfully quit ... am so grateful to Quit Smoking Online for sharing this with someone ...

Smoke-Free Kids
Phone Get Telephone Support Get More Materials to Help You Quit. Read,
download, print, or order guides and tools that have helped smokers quit ...

Home - American Lung Association site
Secondhand Smoke Classified as a Group A carcinogen by the EPA. Take the Test! Five simple questions to help you better control your asthma. Lung Champions

Smoking: Don't give up giving up
Giving up Smoking - advice and information on smoking and giving up from the NHS.
... WELCOME TO GIVING UP SMOKING, Your online resource for all the advice, ...

Provides information, support, and interactive tools to people trying to quit smoking.

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