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Charity that helps smokers to quit. Offers confidential helpline.

Smoking - health risks
Below we list the health risks of smoking. Why quit smoking? ... Of the 300 people
who die every day in the UK as a result of smoking, ...

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... Stop smoking in one session at the London based Quit Smoking Clinic UK.with Guarantee. Quit Smoking Clinic - Harley ... smoking with the London based Quit Smoking Clinic could not ...

What happens when you stop smoking: Fact Sheet no. 11
More than 80% of smokers will gain weight once they quit smoking but the long-term
... [11] Free stop smoking clinics are now available across the UK. ...

Quit smoking hypnosis
Quit smoking hypnosis. Dramatically improves your success at quitting smoking ... Cessation of Smoking. Clinical ... of smoking (New Scientist 31.10.92. page six). You too can quit smoking. Our Quit Smoking with ... to quitting smoking. quit smoking with hypnosis could ...

Stopping smoking: ASH's 15 Tips: Fact Sheet no. 24
From ASH-UK. Support and encouragement, especially for smokers in the UK who'd
like to quit.

Action on Smoking and Health U.K. (ASH)
Because tobacco smoking is the single largest preventable cause of death and disease within the U.K. ASH works with others to eliminate the epidemic by influencing policy and public opinion.

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