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Provides information, support, and interactive tools to people trying to quit smoking.

Committed Quitters
Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things you'll ever do. In fact, most
smokers try to quit at least several times before they finally succeed. ...

Quit Smoking Company
Information and products to help smokers quit.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking - Quit smoking, Nicotine ...
Allen Carr's Easyway To Stop Smoking helps any smoker quit easily and painlessly.
Use this simple method to become a happy non-smoker.

Quit Smoking Today! | Self Help CDs | Subliminal CDs | Stop or Quit Smoking with our Subliminal CD Series
Quit Smoking today with our Self Help CDs | Stop Smoking and Improve Your Health ... of yourself as a non-smoker as well as to help you quit smoking without any withdrawal symptoms ... is to use our Weight Loss CDs alongside your Quit Smoking CD ...

If you decide to quit smoking... Welcome to QuitAssist online. This site.
Learn more about QuitAssist. What Successful Quitters Say:. A successful quitter ...

Charity that helps smokers to quit. Offers confidential helpline.

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